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  • Eastern block stories : visualising housing estates from post-socialist cities
    The title "Eastern Block Stories" features a dozen of articles and over 60 unique hand-picked images about mass housing estates in former communist states. This book aims to address the blind spots ... to take a closer look at the major challenges for post-socialist housing estates today and imagine what could be their future.0Besides stories from Georgia, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Germany unique photographic material which covers cases from more than ten countries is included. The major take of this book is to unveil the diversity of the Eastern blocks alive and the richness of their urban context besides a stigmatizing and alienating gaze
    Врста грађе - књига
    Издавање и производња - Berlin : DOM Publishers, [2021]
    Језик - енглески
    ISBN - 978-3-86922-118-2; 3869221186
    COBISS.SR-ID - 67290889

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