Универзитетска библиотека 'Никола Тесла', Ниш (УБНИ)
  • Attitudes of Defence and Security Sector MembersʼTowards Urban Public Transport Service Quality during COVID-19 State of Emergency
    Ilić Petrović, Jelena, psiholog = Илић Петровић, Јелена, психолог ...
    Announcement of the COVID-19 pandemic, made by the World Health Organization (WHO), has caused changes in functioning of all segments of society. Employers have been endeavoring to expand online work ... and enforce employees to work from home. All social activities and physical contacts have been dramatically reduced. However, due to the nature of certain occupations, online work has not been feasible. In pandemic circumstances, the healthcare system has met the biggest challenge. Members of the defense and security sectors also have faced increased efforts. Because of commuting, many of them have been dependant on urban public transport system. Consequently, the rapid and adequate reorganization of public transport route network was necessary, as well as the introduction of some preventive measures regarding health care. One of the biggest challenges the management of GSP Belgrade (a public transport company in the city of Belgrade) faced was to maintain anti-epidemic measures, the safety of passengers and a high level of service quality. The research conducted on the group of 504 participants, members of the defense and security sectors, suggests certain differences among attitudes regarding different aspects of satisfaction and safety connected with the public transport service, depending on the participants’ occupation. The health-care workers employed in defense and security sectors felt the least safe in public transport vehicles and, at the same time, they used public transport the most frequently.
    Врста грађе - чланак, саставни део ; u
    Година - 2021
    Језик - енглески
    COBISS.SR-ID - 120042249