Универзитетска библиотека 'Никола Тесла', Ниш (УБНИ)
  • Pestel Analysis of the Healthcare System with Reference to the Right to Health During a Pandemic
    Vojinović, Nikolina, 1993- = Војиновић, Николина, 1993- ; Stević, Željko, 1988- = Стевић, Жељко, 1988-
    A pandemic caused by the coronavirus affects all aspects of life of an individual and a society as a whole. It is not only a question of the medical profession, but also of other areas, and ... especially the need for fundamental human rights. The measures adopted by state bodies are primarily aimed at protecting human health, but the effects and implications they cause limit other rights, so it raises the question of their adequacy. The basic and most important question is how to access health care in such conditions. Therefore, the main aim of the paper is to try to answer the question through PESTEL (P-Political, E-Economic, S-Social, T-Technological, E-Environmental, L-Legal) analysis of the healthcare system of the local community of Pale. Thirty factors of PESTEL analysis were quantified by using the Improved Fuzzy Stepwise Weight Assessment Ratio Analysis (IMF SWARA) method. The results obtained through the total of 70 formed models show that the current state of the observed local community is marked by social and legal factors. This analysis should present a diagnostic test of the current situation and provide a good basis for future actions.
    Врста грађе - чланак, саставни део ; u
    Година - 2022
    Језик - енглески
    COBISS.SR-ID - 135796233