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  • Cohousing and Coliving - Comparative Analysis of Two Alternative Housing Typologies by Reviewing Contemporary Trends
    Medar, Katarina, 1992- = Медар, Катарина, 1992- ; Ćurčić, Aleksandra, 1994- = Ћурчић, Александра, 1994-
    Throughout history, human interdependence has been manifested through various forms of housing typologies that imply some form of coexistence of unrelated persons. The two alternative housing ... typologies that are quite common in more developed countries today, cohousing and coliving, attract a lot of attention of both architects and scientists. Scholars are still actively dealing with determining the motives and the clear typological definition of these two typologies. Following a review of the basic characteristics, through a historical overview and contemporary works of the two mentioned residential typologies, this paper presents a comparative analysis of their basic spatial and functional characteristics. The presented examples and characteristics can serve as a basis for further research, understanding and defining cohousing and coliving housing typologies.
    Врста грађе - чланак, саставни део ; u
    Година - 2021
    Језик - енглески
    COBISS.SR-ID - 62383369